Destination darkness tanning lotion

Destination Darkness Tanning Lotion

Destination darkness tanning lotion as the name implies speeds up the tanning process in the dark.

Before the summer season approaches everybody would want to use the best tan. Fortunately, there are different destination tanning lotions out there and if you make the correct choice, it can make a great difference.


Choosing the best destination tanning lotion is not easy. After analyzing those top-rated products out there, we came up with the top choice.

There is no doubt that the popular brand can transform you even in the dark to the best tan.

The best tanning lotion certainly is those that make the best dark bronzing impact and this must come with the best moisturizing attribute. This can even soften the tan.

Ed Hardy destination tanning lotion

This is one of the best for those that are looking for one, the product is regarded as one-hour color creator anti orange technology as well as triple blast.

Furthermore, it can serve other purposes such as tattoo and color fade protecting products.

The product because can make a great difference. It can redefine the rush hour and it can release dark bronze formula and can make a great difference in your tan.

This is because of the wonderful formulation as it is composed of anti-orange ingredients as well as detoxifying agents.

When you apply this to the skin it makes a great difference. It makes your skin attain.

This product comes with lots of features that can make your skin better.

It turns the skin to that dark color that is highly sought after.

The product has other things that stand out such as moisture magnetic feature as well as skin tightening ability and great toning agents.

When you add all these, it makes your skin different and you will appear very attractive.

If you are willing to attain the new tanning height the destination is possible through the destination darkness.


This product has lots of fantastic features and here are some of them

It features a high-intensity dark DHA as well as a natural and cosmetic bronzer. These can make your skin better


It also features a melanin stimulating quad tyrosine blend. Besides this product features an anti-orange technology and detoxifying charcoal extracts.

There is also tattoo and color fade protection and multiple melanin fade protection.

The other feature is the multiple melanin stimulator and sparkling blackberry fragrance.

What are the benefits of using this product?

This is regarded as the best destination for darkness tanning lotion of the great benefits that accrue to it.

First is that you are already aware that this product contains a high quantity of DHA as well as natural and cosmetic bronzers.

When you use this, it makes a great difference because it creates seriously dark immediate, and progressive bronzing results which are also made for instant color pop.

It can accelerate the tanning process when you apply it.

The reason is because of the elective melanin synthesizer which makes for darker as well as long-lasting results.

Besides it comes with blue tansy and this is a flower extract that is known to contain calming as well as healing properties.

In the same way, it uses blue hues and this counteracts the orange tone in your skin. The importance of this is that it makes it easy to produce natural color.

You are already aware that it comes with the charcoal extract.

The importance of this is that it can absorb excess oil while detoxifying your skin and tighten your pores in the produce.

It can also reduce inflammation as well as aid in repairing acne-prone skin. When you use this, you are sure of a clearer as well as better complexion.

It comes with a body fit which has lots of benefits attached to it. this can reduce the appearance of cellulite as well as promotes firmness on the skin.

Most importantly, it comes with a tattoo as well as a color fade protector. It is a great benefit; you can prolong the tattoo as well as the tanning results.

What are the ingredients used to make the product, you have to consider the quality of ingredients that are used to make it?

This best destination darkness tanning lotion compresses of the following ingredients and they include the following:


Carthamus tinctorius seed

Cocos nucifera fruit extract


Seed oil and several other natural ingredients

Once you have started the tanning process, you require tanning lotion to speed up that process.

What this does is that it can facilitate the work of UV which is the ultraviolet light.

This affects the skin, the lotion can help bring the effect to light. It turns your skin to a darker shade.

Because of the effectiveness, some people refer to it as an accelerator tanning lotion or the best tanning accelerator.

There are different kinds of tanning lotions out there. They can be indoor or they are outdoor tanning lotions.

You must choose the type you want before you begin to make a choice.

Some can be used as an indoor solution while others can serve as an outdoor solution.

Most of the products out there contain sunscreen. You should know that this kind of product can work best during sunlight or UV light.

There are differences between indoor and outdoor tanning lotions. They work in different ways to achieve a tanning result.

Indoor tanning lotions can also accelerate the tanning procedure and it does that by enhancing the production of melanin.

Besides, it can facilitate the flow of blood to the skin. In the process, it facilitates melanin production through melanocytes.

There is a difference between indoor tanning lotion and outdoor.

The major difference is that while the indoor is done in the absence of sunscreen, this is the opposite of the outdoor method. The indoor method does not any sun protection.

Australian Gold Sinfully Black 15x Tanning lotion

This is the second recommendation here.

The product is very efficient and it is fifteen times faster and quicker than other formulations out there.

This means that if you want quick and reliable results, then you can think of this product.

Many users rate this product very high and that is why it is recommended as one of the best in the market.

Anybody can apply this one as there are no complications unlike other similar products out there.

If you apply it very well, it forms a very interesting result which is the golden dark skin tone and that is what everybody is looking out for.

If you want to achieve the best result when you are applying it by yourself, it is better if you do that with a tanning lotion applicator mitt.

When you do that, you can reach most areas of the body including your back and those other areas that are not easy to reach.

choosing the best destination darkness tanning lotion

If you are looking for the best tanning lotion, there are a lot of factors to consider.

One of the things that are used in this is the bed and it is good that you choose one wisely.

There are some factors to consider when you are making that choice.

If you want to get the best result, then you must apply the following best darkest tan.


If you want a tan quick tan, you would require a cream with a bronzer.

This is good because it is going to offer you the immediate color and this means that it is going to be darker after one dry session in the salon.

This is what you want to get the kind of darkness you deserve.

Color intensity

Color intensity is another important factor to consider but it all depends on what you want.

Some people would ant dim style while others would prefer a minimal dim and so on.

You must understand the capacity of the lotion you want to use to know the kind of effect it creates after applying it.


UV Beams are not always the best when it comes to the application but the result is amazing.

It can conquer darkness and prevents skin irritation using a strong moisturizing cream.

This means that you must look for a strong moisturizing cream to achieve the best result.


Most people would choose aloe because of the comfort of use.

Aloe is good because it is often regarded as a skin-soothing ingredient and this can calm the skin.

The problem of burning and irritation are completely done away with by using aloe.


Look for paraben-free products. You must consciously check this when you are shopping for one to ensure that it does not contain any of the parabens that are harmful to the body.

If you are a traveler then you can always consider these factors when you are making that choice.

Tanning regulations and tanning salons

Tanning has become very popular as many people including men and women are taking to that fashion.

It is not surprising that tanning salons are springing up everywhere in many places.

Because of that and the health challenges that might be associated with the practice, it is now regulated by governments.

Before you choose any salon, you must ensure that it is government and rules compliance.

Tanning beds are often used and it appears to be one of the most important tools that are used for the practice.

For the safety of users, the government has imposed regulations for all the tanning beds and salons.

The implication is that the users must satisfy all the conditions.

If you can do the tanning in your home it could be the best option since it could be safer and it is more convenient to do.

However, many people would always choose the salon option because of the benefits that are associated with it.

You can choose from the variety of styles out there. Besides, because of the safety features put in place as a result of government regulations, the salon option has become safer for people than they do at home thing.

It is always better to do the tanning at the salon and not in the home.

This is because the equipment is safe than those used at home. There are other reasons you must choose the salon option.

Government regulation

The first advantage is that it comes with some advantages since it must be approved by the government.

The procedure is approved by the FDA and facilities to be used for that purpose must also satisfy all the conditions that are set for it.

FDA laid down a procedure that the salons must strictly follow.

Furthermore, they keep the client’s history as well as the record.

The operators do not open without approval, the officials must ensure that they have the ability to do so before they are allowed to operate.

They are required to keep every information about the consumer such as the history of any infections if any as well as sunburns if there are any and the history of infections as well as rashes if there are any.

If there are other conditions, it has to be recorded and they must have to record certain medications as well as cosmetics that can prevent photoallergic and phototoxic.

The information above is for the benefit of tanning experts and this information helps determine the quality of the tanning bed that is used for the process.

Equipment must be used under the guidance of experts

You have seen that some equipment is necessary for this process and the equipment cannot be used anyhow.

One of them includes tanning beds as well as machines.

These must be used under the supervision of an expert.

Anybody who must use this must be well trained about that.

Anybody cannot just start using the equipment.

Experts have the full knowledge of this equipment and they can set the operations according to the requirements of the clients.

What one client want might be different from what others want. It must be customized to meet the specific need of each user.

Everything that is used here is very important and must be controlled for the benefit of the user.

This equipment could have a negative effect and this can be very harmful to the user.

Furthermore, it requires a tanning bed and the best of such bed must be used.

Experts must check the beds to ensure that it meets the specifications and requirements for that.

Different kinds of tanning beds can be used for this purpose.

Commercial tanning beds are considered the best because they are safe to use and they are also more comfortable to use.

The safety of the user is very important and these safeties are better guaranteed when you engage the services of the tanning salon.


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