sugar free creamer for diabetics

Sugar Free Creamer For Diabetics

Sugar free creamer for diabetics. Creamers do an amazingly great job in helping people make exquisite cafe-style cappuccino and coffee at any time.

Creamers offer a more affluent and tastier experience in every cup, be it you are enjoying a refreshing and relaxing evening brew or preparing a morning booster; a creamer will be of great help.

However, diabetic people have a different case when using these creamers because there are those creams that tend to affect their blood sugar levels.

Several brands have emerged to create sugar-free, low-carb creamers for diabetic individuals, but unfortunately, the creams do not have the same great taste as the original ones.

This makes choosing the best creamer from the plenty of choices in the market a hassle. If you have health issues or have diabetes, you need to be extra careful while buying these creams.

Luckily, here is an extensively researched list to help you find a suitable diabetic creamer without sacrificing taste nor denting your wallet.

Nestle sugar-free coffee creamer

This coffee creamer comes in various flavors like chocolate creme, caramel, French vanilla, and hazelnut.

All these wrestle creamers flavors are certified lactose-free, gluten-free, nondairy, and sugar-free. Moreover, the creamer does not include unhealthy trans fats.

There is also a slight difference in the nutritional content of these creamers’ varieties.

Most of the differences are in the fat content; therefore, you should ensure that you choose an appropriate relish.

The cream comes in a powdered mix, and the standard two hundred and an eighty-nine-gram container can produce between twenty to thirty servings.

Walden farms coffee creme.

This is a naturally flavored creamer fit for diabetic individuals. Moreover, this great creme is dairy-free, carb-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and fat-free.

The cream is made by Walden farms, a company that devotes itself to manufacturing healthful specialty foods.

You might be wondering how this fat-free and sugar-free item can be tasting. Still, to assure you, the manufacturers create the great taste you are hoping for by combining Splenda and natural flavors.

Splenda is a sugar substitute and does not have any effect on diabetes. According to the manufacturers, using this cream can help you save three hundred and thirty calories in a day adding up to ten thousand calories a month.

The creamer comes in a liquid mix that you drain into an already prepared black beverage.

Nutpods unsweetened and dairy-free creme

This creme is famous for its rich velvet feel and a taste of sweet coconuts and almonds.

Although it is best for diabetic individuals, those allergic to nuts should be careful with it.

The creme is vegan-friendly and a certified non-GMO product. Additionally, Nutpods unsweetened creme is free of carrageenan. This is a perfect alternative for coffee, tea, and spicy recipes.

The product comes packed, and its freshness can last for seven to ten days after the first opening. However, this creamer needs chilling after the first use.

Blue diamond unsweetened almond milk creamer

This creamer’s measly ten calories per serving give it the most significant attraction from health-conscious individuals.

The product achieves this feature by blending ingredients like almond oil, dipotassium phosphate, sea salt, gellan gum, guar gum, pea protein, natural flavors almond milk, and sunflower lecithin.

Being soy-free, lactose-free, and gluten-free makes this product ideal for allergic people. The creme is a certified non-GMO product, and those that are concerned about the genetic allegations in food need not worry.

Blue diamond unsweetened creamer comes in a nine hundred and forty millimeters liquid mix bottle that can last up to ten days fresh when immediately refrigerated after initial use.

Coffee Brainer Creamer

This certified non-GMO product could serve the best individuals living with diabetes as it has fat concentration and low sugar contents.

It has been prepared under the guidelines of the keto diet. Coffee Brainer Creme is a nutritional product obtained from grass-fed cows.

Individuals living with diabetes have to benefit from this product as their body gets what is required from food to lower the sugar level in the body.

The Coffee Brainer Creme contains a high amount of omega-three fatty acids that balance well with vitamins such as A, B, D, E, and K and omega-six fatty acids.

Rapid Fire Turbo Creamers

This product is prepared under the keto diet guidelines with the assurance that it is best for people living with Mellitus problems.

It has no added sugar contents and serves you with as low as 90 caloric in every consumption.

This kind of creamer is sweet a taste-based on milk products.

The primary sources of the Turbo Creamers are caffeine and grass-fed butter contents.

More amazing, the Rapid Fire Turbo Creamer is free from soy and gluten contents meaning everyone can take this product.

Ketones Creamers

Individuals living with Mellitus issues find benefits from the ketones creamers. This product is prepared under the requirement of the keto diet, with high fats but fewer sugar contents.

Ketones creamers are rich in calories that are more required by individuals living under hypoglycemic agents. For example, every 8g of the ketones, contains 40 calories.

The Biggest benefit of Ketones to its users is that every scoop they take contains proteins of about 3g; this is so nutritious. There are no substances of soy or gluten, and it is free from artificial sugar.

Ketones creamers contain MCT oils that are easily digested, which, when taken, controls the appetite levels of the consumer. In addition, the MCT oils in them support the metabolism taking place in your body.

Ingredients to watch out in Mellitus creamers


These are milk-based protein derivatives. Although most products boost a dairy-free ingredient, they might still contain casein.

This ingredient is safe, but it is crucial to test it before use if you are allergic to dairy products.

Trans fats

None of the above items has this ingredient but might come in different names like hydrogenated fats.


This ingredient is safe for consumption, but the contention encompassing it is undeserving. Most people confuse it with poligeenan, a toxic substance produced by carrageenan.


The diabetic’s diet remains to pause many questions around as the diet recommended to individuals living with it may differ depending on the levels of the diabetic.

The recommended food should have low sugar levels as prescribed by health officers. Meanwhile, sugar-free creamers can stand out to be best options for those who want to consume milk products with no artificial sugars.

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