best coffee creamer for diabetics

Best Coffee Creamer For Diabetics

Today we’ll be talking about the best coffee creamer for diabetics and what roll it plays in the lives of those who surfer from diabetes.

Diabetic coffee creamers are helpful and dependable invention which aids us to make exquisite café style cappuccino and coffee by ourselves at the comfort of our homes.

Whether you want to enjoy a refreshing and relaxing brew or your morning booster cup, this creamer will typically aid you in making a more affluent and tastier experience in all cups.

However, there are countless and different models recently in the market on these specific products.

And without a supportive guide, someone might get challenged to choose the best one, especially if it is your first time.

Fortunately, I have deep-researched and came with beneficial, dependable, and affordable diabetic coffee creamers tested and approved to meet your needs and expectations.

1. Primal diabetics coffee creamer

Top features

(a) Ketogenic diet approved
(b) Lactose has been entirely removed from this creamer
(c) It can be utilized for cold or hot beverages
(d) It does not require getting refrigerated

Generally, this creamer is delivered in many different flavors that make it simple for individuals to find their beloved.

Plus, it contains lactose-free and little dairy, which is impressive for individuals who are lactose bigoted.

The main ingredients are vegetarian-friendly, and this makes it perfect for individuals who follow the authoritarian diet.

Further, coconut milk and coconut oil are primarily utilized in this specific product, offering essential micronutrients and MCT.

And these ingredients are typically sourced ethically to support healthy farming and keeping the ecosystem safe.

Essentially, this coffee creamer is perfect for some of us who are following the ketogenic diet.

It contains a gram of carbs per one serve which makes it ketogenic diet-friendly.

Additionally, you will enjoy this product hot or cold, since it is versatile in its usability.

I loved how this creamer dint clumps up meaning it cannot cause any issues with any specific flavor due to temperature.


(a) Natural tasting
(b) Delivered with different and many flavors
(c) It contains MCT, perfect for health supports
(d) Low sugarKetogenic
(e) Fantastic shelf life


(a) Requires to thoroughly mixed to get desired taste

2. Omega power diabetic creamer

Top features

(a) Delivered in many different tastes
(b) Froth and blender friendly
(c) Zero sugar
(d) Superior content for any healthy fats
(e) It can be utilized as a meal replacement

This product is also known as MCT oil and is made with plenty of healthy fats.

This oil is proved to lower sugar levels and reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Further, this creamer has coconut oil that offers a dense texture, increasing the energy levels in our bodies.

Omega cream is perfect for a high-fat diet or ketogenic diet and is also commended for individuals looking to cut down their fat intake.

Essentially, this creamer also contains zero carbohydrates which are best for people following the diabetic diet.

Besides, this product is froth and blender-friendly, and the user can enjoy it in many different ways with ease.

The ingredients on this product are grass-fed and organic, plus this creamer has also clarified organic coconut oil, butter, MCT oil, and other related non-GMO ingredients.

Additionally, this creamer is lactose-free, and it is made with all ingredients we may require for a healthy lifestyle.

Overall, it’s among the much-celebrated creamers out there and highly recommended.


(a) Amazing texture
(b) Made from the organic ingredients
(c) Keto-friendly
(d) Vegetarian friendly
(e) Easy to use
(f) It can be utilized for cold and hot beverages


(a) Some users claimed about strong taste on the coconut oil

3. Nut pods dairy-free best diabetic creamer

Top features

(a) Whole 30 approved
(b) Delivered with four various flavors
(c) It can be stored on the shelf if its yet unopened
(d) The sizes range from 32 fluid ounces and 11.2 fluid ounces
(e) Can be delivered in packs of 12, 6, 4,3

Coconut and Almond are significant ingredients in this specific creamer, and it’s made with zero sugar.

Plus, it utilizes certified natural ingredients, meaning it’s specialized for kosher, gluten-free, vegan, and comes with non-GMO ingredients.

Besides, the components used in this creamer are also favoring the individuals who follow ketogenic diets and vegan diets appropriately.

In essence, coconut and almond cream is utilized to replace milk.

This product is made with zero sugar, zero carbs, and also made from the plant-bases best products.

Individuals who are intolerant to lactose can still benefit from using this specific coffee creamer.

You will the packaging offered by nut pod suppliers, which is easy and portable to use.

Admirably, the user can store this creamer for an extended time or even travel with it.

Besides, experts recommend that you use this cream before its expiration date.


(a) No GMO
(b) Vegan friendly
(c) No added sugars
(d) Dairy-free
(e) Diabetic diet-friendly Zero carb content


(a) Some clients claimed about clumps
(b) Not the perfect one for individuals with nut allergies

4. Califia farms best unsweetened diabetic almond creamer

Top features

(a) Cholesterol Free
(b) Four different flavors
(c) Soy-free
(d) Pantry safe packing, you don’t have to refrigerate
(e) 100 percent made from natural plant ingredients

You will love how this creamer comes with many, different flavors and all taste good.

Plus, it’s extremely low calorie, as it contains 10 Cal only per serving, where most coffee creamers contain about 60 and 40 calls every serving.

This creamer is inexpensive and has around 32 fluid ounces, which equals 946 ML.

Further, it is delivered with three different and sweet flavors, and the unsweetened version does not contain artificial tastes and sugars similar to milk.

Generally, the ingredients used to make this creamer include dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan friendly.

Thus, for the individuals following the vegan eating lifestyle or ketogenic diet, you are safe.

Besides, someone can also utilize this sweetener to substitute milk since it also has a milk taste mixed with coconut.

In essence, this product is decently equipped with perfect packaging, which keeps the creamer safe.

However, remember to store this coffee creamer in a dry, cool place after you open it.

And also, you can safely travel with it without losing its consistency or getting spoiled.


(a) No artificial sweeteners
(b) Easy to use
(c) Dairy-free
(d) Natural ingredients
(e) Secure packaging


(a) The flavored version has artificial sugar

5. Hazelnut better half diabetic coffee creamer

Top features

(a) Delivered with four various flavors
(b) Low calories
(c) Supplied with a pack of 6 and 1
(d) Can be stored outside the refrigerator, if not yet opened
(e) The size of the container ranges 16.9 fluid ounces

This coffee creamer is delivered with different flavors, made from natural ingredients, and sweetened from natural elements.

Generally, almond milk and coconut cream provide this cream with the perfect texture preferred by many individuals.

The calorie is low while its sweetener contains 15 Cal only per serving with no carbs.

Besides, the serving size commends two tablespoons.

This creamer is the best healthy option since it 100 percent natural ingredients.

Further, it vegan friendly and also contains no ingredients or dairy from an animal.

The packaging of this product is lovely and safe until it is opened.

And after you open, ensure you store it in the refrigerator to increase the shelf line typically.

Additionally, this creamer is 100 perfect for ketogenic diet individuals, and you can substitute it with mock fruit.


(a) Cholesterol free
(b) Vegan friendly
(c) Keto-friendly
(d) No artificial sugar
(e) Fantastic texture and also after taste
(f) No lactose
(g) Unprocessed ingredients
(h) No GMO ingredients


(a) Some users claimed that you need to utilize it more than commended dose to get the optimal taste


Diabetic creamers are products that contain no carbs or sugar.

Besides, the best and flavor diabetics coffee creamer is the one that tastes good and is also made from natural ingredients.

I made everything easier for you; the above guide comprises dependable and safe selections to pick from and also at affordable prices.

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