Wigwam Diabetic Socks

Wigwam Diabetic Socks

Wigwam Diabetic socks are unique socks designed to keep the feet of a diabetic patient dry, enhance blood circulation and reduce the risk of a foot injury.

These socks are a vital part of foot care- an essential part of diabetes management because of potential nerve damage (often known as diabetic neuropathy) and circulatory system caused by elevated blood sugar levels.

Diabetic neuropathy reduces sensitivity in the feet, especially on the sole, and elevates risks of injury.

Furthermore, this condition can cause a diabetic patient to be unaware of injuries hence delaying treatment.

Since living with diabetes is not a simple task, particularly on your feet, proper footwear to protect your foot against complications is vital.

With Wigwam diabetic socks, achieving utmost protection for your feet becomes pretty much straightforward.

Therefore, in this article, we shall be taking you through some of the best wigwam diabetic socks, along with other vital information that you will find beneficial.

Best Wigwam Diabetic Socks

Wigwam Diabetic Sport Crew F1363 Sock

The F1363 wigwam diabetic socks are made from 78% polyester, 11% Tencel, and 11% stretch nylon.

In addition to boosting durability, these materials offer excellent protection against injury. Furthermore, this product is easy to maintain since it is machine washable.

The best part is that it is handcrafted in the USA, and it is dry, cushions the foot, and odor-free.

It is considered a heavyweight product offering maximum protection and offers warmth as well


1. Features a lifetime warranty.

2. These socks are significantly longer.

3. They are made from high-quality material.

4. Cleaning and maintaining these socks are pretty much straightforward.


· It is a little tight.

Wigwam Diabetic Thermal Socks

The Thermal wigwam diabetic socks are made from 100% acrylic.

With this material, you are guaranteed utmost protection and dry feet throughout.

Weighing at just 0.125 kilograms or 0.276 pounds, this thermal sock is relatively light in weight, making it an excellent product for any diabetic patient out there.


1. It features a sleek design.

2. The sock is made from high-quality material.

3. It offers top-notch protection.

4. It is relatively light in weight.


· It is relatively short.

Wigwam Diabetic Strider Lightweight F1198 Sock

This is another top-notch high-quality wigwam diabetic stock available in today’s market.

The F1198 sock is made from 39% polypropylene, 28% x20 acrylic, 31% stretch nylon and 2% stretch polyester.

These materials help enhance the durability of this sock, eliminate odor, maintain dry feet, non-binding, and get rid of blisters.

Handcrafted in the United States, this sock guarantees you utmost protection every time.

The best part is that this sock is easy and smooth to put on, making it one of the best wigwam diabetic socks available in the market.


1. It is highly durable.

2. The sock is significantly long.

3. Offers utmost protection.

4. It comes with a lifetime warranty.


· It is a bit pricey.

Wigwam Diabetic Sport Quarter Socks

If you are on the lookout for a wigwam diabetic sock that will give your foot the best cushioning, you should look no further than Sport Quarter Sock.

This sock is made from 89% dri-release Tencel (88% polyester and 12% Tencel) and 11% stretch nylon.

These materials boost both durability and functionality of this sock. In addition to that, this sock is relatively light in weight and features a sleek design that will enhance your overall dress code.


1. It features a sleek design.

2. The sock is made from high-quality material.

3. It is relatively light in weight.

4. It offers top-notch protection.


· Its cuff is very tight.

Wigwam Diabetic Walker F1221 Sock

The F1221 is one of the best wigwam diabetic socks available in the market.

This sock is made from 58% polyester, 8% Tencel, and 34% stretch nylon.

These materials ensure that your feet are fully protected, dry at all times, and odorless. Furthermore, this sock is non-binding and features an incredible length.

When it comes to weight, this sock is significantly lighter in weight and offers top-notch cushioning at the same time.

The sock is designed for a feather-lite feel as well as fit making it an excellent product for a diabetic patient.


1. It is significantly long.

2. The product is made from high-quality material.

3. It is non-binding, odorless, and maintains a dry foot.

4. The sock is very light in weight.


· It is somehow expensive.

Things To Consider When Look For Wigwam Diabetic Socks

If you are on the lookout for diabetic socks, ensure that you settle for one equipped with the following features;

Excellent Moisture-Absorbing Material

Socks with excellent moisture absorbency are ideal for maintaining dry feet hence lowering the risk of fungal infection while eliminating odor.

The drier your feet, the better the protection you get against blisters along with other wounds.

In most cases, acrylic fibers are considered the best moisture-wicking material than cotton.


A diabetes sock is designed to remain up without squeezing the calves. This helps in enhancing blood flow. Therefore, you want to ensure you invest in a non-binding diabetes sock.

Soft Yarns

Diabetes socks made from fine materials such as wool and bamboo tend to be abrasive against your skin.

It is recommended that you look for diabetes socks fitted with blister-guard yarns for better cushioning and protecting your feet against blisters.


An antimicrobial diabetes sock helps in preventing the growth of fungi and bacteria. Some of these socks are equipped with silver or copper-infused yarn.

These yarns in place will help in protecting your feet against the reinfection of the athlete’s foot. Furthermore, they feature odor protection.

Final words

With the right wigwam diabetes socks, you will be able to improve your blood flow, prevent moisture and protect your feet against injuries. Usually, these socks are made from more high-quality fibers than regular socks.

Furthermore, the diabetes socks are fitted with extra protective cushioning, which offers both support and protection to your feet.

Unlike other socks available in the market, diabetes socks are designed to put less stress on your legs and feet.

They are also gentle on the skin since they are created from less abrasive materials. As we conclude, we hope that you have found this article beneficial.

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