True Point Generic Test Strips

True Point Generic Test Strips provide you with the ultimate value in testing your blood glucose level. Ideally, the tool uses a small blood sample to give accurate results. In other words, the equipment is known as a blood glucose meter.

Blood glucose test strips play a significant function in checking your daily blood glucose level and providing you with accurate values on blood glucose level giving your doctor the information to adjust medication.

Truthfully, without the help of this gadget, life with diabetes can become even more miserable and chaotic.

But what exactly are these thin little plastic tools, and why are they costly? Are there any other methods I can use? This document will respond to these questions appropriately.

How Does the Test Strip Function?


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Ideally, glucose test strips function using the glucose oxidase enzyme that changes glucose in the blood sample into an electric current.

You may be curious to understand how the little plastic tool achieves such a reaction.

Answering this question can be best understood by analyzing the construction of the test strips. Firstly, we must appreciate that many test strips are available in different brands; however, they all have the same function.

The test strip consists of many layers, with each serving its purpose. Critically, the outermost layer functions as a mini sponge to soak up a blood sample.

The proceeding layer works as a filter to direct the blood sample into the reaction center.

The third layer consists of three fundamental sections: the enzyme that reacts with blood glucose, a mediator chemical that stimulates electrons on the strip`s circuit to occasion an accurate reading before the reaction dissipates and a mixture of chemicals that preserve and stabilize the mediator and enzyme chemicals.

At the base, the palladium and gold-coated circuit layer that relay the reaction of electrons to the meter for a check-up is situated.

When the blood sample is dropped onto the colored patch at the strip end, it triggers a series of reactions, including the blood being soaked in the absorbent layer, filtered through the narrow chamber, and finally landing on the base layer to cause an electrochemical reaction which forms an electric current.

The signal is then relayed along the circuit to the meter, in which a computer chip converts the current into a numerical reading.

Why are these Strips Costly?

If you imagine the number of test strips you undergo each day, you will be tempted to own your test strip company. It is surprising why these test strips are costly.

However, before you conclude, there are things to consider to understand why these strips are expensive. It would be helpful to take note of the following reasons.

The research was performed by the company. Like mentioned before, these test strips consist of many layers that perform different tasks until the final results of your blood glucose level are determined.

Extensive research must be done to maintain accurate results. Equally, research must be done to determine the amount of blood level needed. Too much blood may overload the layers, while too little blood might lead to inaccurate readings.

Regarding the enzyme layer, the accurate ratio of each chemical must be analyzed to establish the accurate value. As you can see, there is much needed to be covered by companies since the room for errors is inexcusable.

The production cost. This is yet another factor why this equipment is expensive. Like we saw, some of these strips are made of gold and palladium in order to give accurate results.

Consequently, obtaining enzymes and chemicals to be used in these tools is costly. In addition, a lot of investment is put into the design to produce quality test strips.

Promotion cost. This factor is somewhat overlooked. Advertisements and endorsements are crucial for people to know the existence of these tools.

They must ensure to give great endorsements to attract many people. As a result, much money is spent, thus hiking up the cost.

Is It Necessary For The Patients To Use The Generic Test Strips?

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No one, whatsoever, likes to feel pain. However, pain and blood glucose monitoring are vital to control diabetes. Arguably, the disease is one of the most causes of death across the globe.

If uncontrolled, diabetes can cause severe life-threatening conditions, including limb amputation, blindness, stroke, heart diseases and early deaths.

If you thought avoiding blood tests is trying to save money, then you’re in the danger zone. Sit, think and meditate on the serious complications you would likely undergo before the actual diabetic treatment.

I can assure you that it is more severe than you may wish to know.

At times, extreme cases might end you in the emergency room due to heart attacks or strokes.

This would be the first helpful charity work if there were a way to sneak in the beware caveat on skipping the blood glucose tests into our streets.

Letting your diabetic level heighten and cause difficulties, as mentioned earlier, would be more expensive than maintaining the daily blood glucose test to control your diabetes.

Think about it as a small token to leading a healthier life by performing a blood glucose test.

Equally, the tests will reduce the chances of confusion and errors that might have occurred before. Knowing your blood glucose level will help you act accordingly in the current situation without guessing.

If you truly need to save money, learning how to use the test strips, knowing when to test your blood glucose level, and being vigilant about your eating habits will help you control your health situation. So the patients must use generic test strips.

How Accurate are the Generic Test Strips?


The manufactures do everything in their abilities to ensure no errors are associated with these gadgets. However, since error is to man, slight error margins exist.

The following factors play a role in the accuracy of the test strip. They include:

The mode of storage. How patients store and use their generic test strips is proportional to the accuracy of the strips.

The storage must be proper; you should avoid rough handling of your strips and ensure to check the expiry dates of the test strips to prevent errors in the home blood glucose monitoring procedures.

Equally, you should avoid using one brand of the test strips on a different brand glucometer.

The test strip should not be fully inserted into the meter to avoid false results while reading.

Seller’s method of storing. Sometimes the accuracy of test strips may be hindered by the remote and improper storage by the sellers while the strips are in the pharmacy or stores.

Enzymes and chemicals in the test strips are affected by humidity and temperature.

The tools should be kept in a cool, dry place. If they are stored in hot stores, readings are interfered with, and no wonder you will hear customers in the review sections complaining about the accuracy of the strips.

The patient is not supposed to squeeze their fingerprint too hard because blood is not flowing.

This will give inaccurate results, and it is advised to rewind the test using a new blood sample.

When you use sites other than your fingertips, you will likely experience errors in reading the strips.

It is essential to check your strips before performing the blood tests.

Any cracks might cause leakages hence leading to poor results.

To be safe, always check your strips before doing the blood glucose test.

Are There Alternative Methods other Than Using the Generic Test Strips?

After undergoing all the pain and expenses, you might ask whether other alternatives to blood glucose tests exist. Yes, there is.

The urine glucose test is another alternative to generic test strips.

The urine test measures the amount of glucose and ketone in urine.

It is arguably less invasive than blood glucose tests; however, it is not more accurate than the latter.

It is performed in the laboratory alongside other routine check-ups.

It is recommended that for the home patients, Urine Ketone Testing is crucial for those patients who have type 1 diabetes that has the symptoms of ketoacidosis.

Equally, it would help if you are experiencing trouble with obtaining an adequate blood sample or having issues with blood glucose monitoring.

However, there are various cons to using a urine glucose test.

The urine test can be influenced by the amount and volume of urine you pass.

A urine test is designed to be read at a specific time, failure to which the lapse will affect the outcomes.

At the time of testing, a urine test does not give the results of your glucose level.

However, it provides results for the past several hours.

Usually, low glucose levels are not indicated in the urine test; the recorded results are either negative or positive.

When performing a urine test at home, the results are influenced by the dipstick color of your urine and due to the diet, finding color variations is somewhat tricky.

If the patient is under other medication, the outcomes of the urine test can be influenced.

As you can see, there are several disadvantages associated with urine tests.

The blood glucose test is thus the most convenient, accurate, and preferable by health professionals.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Generic Test Strips

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Investors and manufactures will never get tired of producing similar and cheap generic test strips to relieve you from going far in finding them. However, care must be considered while choosing suitable strips for yourself when it comes to health and life matters.

Here below are some ways to consider when picking the right strips:



This is the most significant factor to consider while picking the right strips.

It will affect the outcomes of your daily blood glucose monitoring.

Imagine the pain and money you spend just to be doubled with inconvenient and inconsistent test results.

It is vital to compare notes with your doctor to understand your blood glucose level baseline before testing it at home.

Easy to use.

It would be best if you chose a test strip that is suitable for your needs.

Some individuals could be suffering from eyesight thus poor reading.

If you are in this category, it would be helpful to pick a test strip with extra functions to accommodate your demands.

The size of the meter.

Large units are challenging to store. It is essential to pick a compact generic test strip, especially active, for easy storage and casing.

Storage Abilities.

Some brands of glucometers can store several strips for an extended period.

Other models are designed to offer extra space for your other accessories.

Other models are reinforced with internal memory for recording, so you won’t have to keep a record after every measurement.

Therefore, it is essential to pick a generic test strip with such extra features.

Testing locations.

Those who have diabetes are always required to test anywhere from 4-10 times daily for their glucose level.

This might lead to pain in the fingertips when using a meter that only involves fingertips samples.

Many high-end companies have improvised meters that can use blood samples from other body parts including, thighs, forearms, calf and hands.

How Can You Avoid Counterfeit Test Strips?

Counterfeit products have sneaked their way across all spheres of production.

From clothes to electronics and even medicine. What a horrible word! Test Strips are no different.

They are known to be having counterfeit issues. Mostly, fake test strips are known to be showing inaccurate test results.

However, to be sure of what you are purchasing, always check your test strips for features of counterfeits.

Scratch the Label.

Original test strip packaging has a scratch label with a unique number. If you call the number, the manufacturer customer care will pick and attend to your needs, in case of any problem.

Tamper MRP Label.

Original test strip packaging comes with a Tamper Evident MRP Label. When stripped, the label will show the word “OPEN. “ Any label stating otherwise, the package is counterfeit.

As a customer,

whenever you become suspicious about the test strip brand, it is essential to call the manufacturer, seek clarifications and share your doubts since you have the right to do so.

Some companies have developed systems of checking whether the test strip is genuine.

To reduce counterfeits, companies have developed technologies that can automatically send the readings from a meter to insurers.

How can you Save on Test Strips?

With the current situation, many patients dig deep to pay for the costly blood glucose tests.

Over time, the bills have been tough, with some patients opting to give up due to lack of money.

Well, while this article does not seek to educate how you can spend below your budget, it does shed light on how you can save on test strips.

Let have a look!

Buy online.

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Online stores have relatively fair prices compared to storefront pharmacies.

Platforms such as eBay and Amazon are ideal places where you will find the test strips at lower prices.

It is also vital to know the e-commerce sites that are far from selling you counterfeits. So, in as much as the online platforms are cheap, be careful about where to make your purchases.

Sometimes, online platforms entice you with exceptional deal offers. However, the most common challenge that comes with offers is that they might deliver expired strips products.

To fall out of the trap, always inquire from the seller and check the expiry date of the test strip. Equally, before you accept the product, ensure to check if there are damages on it.

Some of the products, you have no idea how they are shipped to your doorstep and where they come from; some could be from the black markets.

Be strategic.

Sometimes it is essential to understand the type of diabetes you are suffering from.

For example, if you have type2 diabetes and you do not need insulin, it is good to liaise with your doctor to determine how to keep an eye on your blood glucose control.

Equally, there is a method called spot-checking which entails gathering information about the trend of your blood glucose level throughout the month.

Avoid the Copayment.

This technique is for the people having high copayments for the test strips.

Some brands are cheaper when you buy them over the counter, especially in major retails such as Walmart and Rite Aid.

The patients targeted are those who can evade the copayment and dig shallow into their pockets.

With Walmart, for instance, if a patient is not in a position to buy the test strip, they offer to purchase through commercial insurance.

Keep Loyalty Cards.

It is sometimes essential to buy your test strips from one particular pharmacy as you store your loyalty cards.

By that, you will be creating customer relationships through the customer care program.

Also, the loyalty card will earn you coupons that will reduce purchase prices.

Enroll in the manufacturer loyalty programs.

Several generic companies give offers to their loyal customers. For you to continue being in the loyalty program, you must be able to pay copayment expenses.

You are then issued with prescription copayment cards that offer huge discounts.

These discounts could save you a lot and help you plan for the next test strip purchase.

Join friends and do bulk shopping.

You can always get a big discount if you join your fellow patients to shop in several outlets.

This option is an excellent idea because you and your patient friends can always save each time you do big-box shopping.

Collect Coupons.

On diabetes magazines, pharmacies and online platforms such as Amazon, you can check and save coupons that will eventually guarantee you big discounts on your favorite brand of test strips.

What Else Can All These Generic Test Strip Containers Do?

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If you are to conduct your blood glucose monitoring daily, you will soon have several empty test strip containers and boxes in your home.

But that doesn’t mean you have to throw them away.

It would help if you were sensitive about the sustainable environment.

If you are to dispose of them off, upcycling these empty containers is far better.

Won’t you be glad if we showed you some ways to recycle these empty test strip containers?

Let have a look!

Paint keeper.

If you are a fun of painting, these containers are the best storage option for you while painting.

Once you are done painting, you don’t have to throw the containers away;

it would be safe to store the containers in the paint lids.

Seed Sorters.

If you are a garden champ, having seeds on the farm is inevitable.

You don’t have to worry about where you will place the fallen seeds.

The containers will be helpful to organize your seed collection.

Trinkets Arranger.

If you are a person with several accessories, these containers are ideal for arranging them into your drawers.

You don’t have to leave your accessories scattered anyhow in the house.

Think this way; your rings will never tangle into a ball along with your earrings and necklaces.

Use these containers wisely and enjoy a perfect look in your dressing cabinet.

Establish emergency sewing kits.

Sometimes, you might lack where to place your needles, spool of thread, pins, small scissors, and safety pins, especially in your car or office.

These small containers will aid, particularly when you need them most and can’t access them.

Store your candy in small containers.

If you love purchasing candy in bulk, these containers can help fill and stash them since they are portable.

Use them to store your crafts. If you do beading activities, these containers are ideal for arranging all variant beading accessories and beads.

Final Thoughts

After going through the article, it’s apparent that you will no longer purchase a counterfeit Generic Test Strip even though they are prevalent.

Equally, the factors to consider while buying the right test strips will guide you into making good decisions while looking for a test strip.

Many topics have been covered on the blood glucose test strip, and hopefully, you have learned something essential with this thin plastic that is the key to monitoring your diabetes.

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